What we do


Bread distribution

Women empowerment

Community received financial training

Women  received financial literacy training, and  also received capital to start their projects.

New Chisamba Food Distribution

Good Hope donations

Cleanup campaign

As CCO we believe that cleanliness is next to Godliness, CCO staff taking time out to participate in a clean up campaign

Engaging with NASW

We had a great opportunity engaging with NASW as they came through to educate us on the importance of Social Work

Easter drive with inmates

Chiedza Chenyika Organisation engaging in a Easter drive with inmates in local prisons to share with them the word of God and basic needs for prison mothers and their toddlers.

Magamba Food donations

Chiedza Chenyika Organisation giving out food hampers for Easter in Magamba Hatcliffe, Epworth and Sakubva Mutare

Maulana School for Orphans

Maulana School for Orphans has their very first grade 7 students writing this year, through the assistance of NetOne Cellular CCO procured a laptop for the educational facility to be able to do their CALA

Glen View 7 Primary

Glenview 7 Pimary School beneficiaries in partnership with NetOne Cellular Zimbabwe

Tichakunda - Hatcliffe

Chiedza Chenyika Organisation in Tichakunda Hatcliffe for women empowerment outreach.

Women empowerment

Chiedza Chenyika Organisation in Victoria Falls for  women empowerment outreach.

Good Hope donations

Distribute clothing to women in the Eastview Caledonia community

Empowering women

 teaching women how to make dishwasher, drink, and yogurt.

Empowering women

At Chiedza Chenyika Organization, we are working with the theme of “Lets empower women and change the world,

Skills Training

At Chiedza Chenyika Organization, we are working with women empowering them with skills to make food stuffs and detergents

empowering women

Chiedza Chenyika Organisation and Ketaaketi launched a new group in Mahusekwa Nyandoro Village.

Financial training

Chiedza Chenyeka Organization  visit Melfort park community for the Women empowerment project and managed to provide financial literacy training,free interest microfinance loans as well as skills training

Microfinance loan program

 Chiedza Chenyika Organisation and Ketaaketi, provides an opportunity for sustainable economic growth and community development in St David Nyandoro Mahusekwa

Microfinance program

Groviding microfinance interest-free loans to 30 women! This initiative is a significant step towards women empowerment, allowing them to start their own initiatives and improve their livelihoods. We’re grateful for the support of Goromonzi District Office representatives and community leaders, who helped make this launch a success.